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Pinball Arcade/FreeCamMod on Popper

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Has anyone managed to get Pinball Arcade with FreeCamMod fully working on Popper with three screens? 


I'm REALLY close. FreeCamMod is really fiddly (especially with higher resolutions), but I've got it running now. I have it set up in Popper to rotate the display before launch and rotate back, so I've got that working, and FCM's backglass images are running fine. The only thing is my DMD is just a black box, and I haven't been able to find any way to get it to work. Most forum threads on the subject are years old, and suggest things like installing .Net 4.5.2, which is way out of date. 


Starting to think I'm out of luck on this one, but very much open to suggestion. TPA is old, but some of those tables are still great. The alternative is to pay $150 (!!!) for the official cabinet support, but even then, that doesn't allow direct launching of tables. Only FCM lets you do that (which is absurd). 


Anyway, curious to know if anyone else has tried this recently. 

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