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VPUniverse Achievements are now active.... Need ideas!

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With the update that I did this morning... VPUniverse Achievements have been activated.  Right now I'm using the default system setup, but slowly adding some custom ones.   We could have some fun with this around here.... 

I NEED IDEAS and someone to create some custom Badge Icons!

***NOTE*** Due to the system overhead that this is requiring right now; Achievements are currently limited to our Supporting Members.  The system has to parse all the logs (6-8gb of files) from the beginning of this site in order to determine what rewards to award members.  As of right now it's going to take a couple days for the system to parse just the supporting members achievements.  We are also just testing the Achievement system and fine tuning it to our communities needs.  Once ready; we will enable this for all Members of VPU.


First custom badge, thanks to the idea from @Rawd

Wildman Wannabe Badge - Awarded to people that have uploaded 10 B2S Backglasses.



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