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What was your first pinball machine you bought? My first pinball machine im thinking of buying.

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Howzit okes, 


Stoked this site is back up and running. Been playing a few VPX tables and really loving the 90's era tables. Living in South Africa Cape Town there arent many people who have them down here as iv never come across anyone. Looks like its pretty popular in USA ect. Anyway like i said im digging the 90's pinball vibes & really loving word cup soccer 1994, junk yard 1996, Indiana jones the pinball adventure 1993, Jurassic park 1993. You can pick them up for a price of a small car but they still cheaper than the newer pinball machines >_<. Fish tales and no good goffers all great tables and alot of fun!

It seems because i never played pinball i leaned towards the more simpler kind of pinballs. Obviously would love to have a The Adams Family or Twilight Zone which is the more popular ones out there but maybe one day can afford one. 

What was the first table you bought and do you still keep it? 

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My advice is play any potential games you are thinking about buying a bunch in VPX first, it helps to get a feel for what you like and don't like about tables. 


Most of the pins I have bought over the years were because I enjoyed playing them so much in VP that I wanted the real thing.  I seem to lean towards fast and flow, so have 3 Steve Ritchie titles right now  (STpro, STTNG, SW prem)


My first was a Stern  Star Trek Pro which I still have.  Some machines have come and gone but my Star Trek is still there

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Yeah, "bought" is a strong word for our first machine... Gottlieb's Solar Ride was given to us when we moved into our house. I don't regret having it, but I will make the comment that while I won't turn down a free pinball machine except in unusual circumstances, the majority of the Gottlieb System 1 lineup I won't spend my own money on.


The first one we've spent good money on is Firepower. We traded the Solar Ride at the same time to get a slight discount. Odds are good it's going to be here for a while, but with room for only 3 machines (and we have 2 now counting the vpin), it will eventually get replaced with something newer and even deeper - it's significantly deeper than Solar Ride was (Solar Ride was EM shallow, honestly), and takes much more skill to make things happen, but there are definitely even more fun tables out there that we'd like to eventually have. My husband's turned it on at least twice this week, a couple of times last week, his goal is to get his first multiball on it. I think he's turned it on for himself more in the last two weeks than he turned on Solar Ride the whole time we had that one.

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@LynnInDenver yeah, Solar Ride while probably the one of most gorgeous backglass of the system 1's imo  is not that great of a player, although to be honest if I had the room I would still have it as I would be very happy with owning all the system 1 machines, but everyone likes different stuff.  Firepower is awesome, sadly moving and downsizing I had to let that one go too, would love to have another it is the one pin I most remember playing when it was new.  


Late EM and early SS is my favorite era of pinball, being in high school and college during those years the nostalgia factor is huge. I lucked into Joker Poker as the first pin I owned, arguably the best system 1 game. Still have it, will likely be one of the last to go if it ever came to that. 

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