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My First Attempt On Redrawing


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OK guys, this is my first attempt in redrawing. I used a random table playfield picture which I found on VPforums and decided to give it a try. I decided to go with a good snapshop with topdown view of the playfield just to skip all the "resize and rotate" fuss for starters.


I'm redrawing this table only for practicing purposes. I use Photoshop and my weapon of choice is precision gaming mouse with 2000dpi. :)I still don't have a tablet, but who knows, if I get any better at this, I might consider making my life a whole easier and buy a pen tablet. Btw. I'm by no mean an artist, in fact my profession has really nothing to do with drawing and painting and programming and designing a flying saucer :) In fact playing with web design and now redrawing relaxes me and I hope I can someday give something back to the community. ;)


Test 1... images below, took me about two hours to finish this. Most of the time went on redrawing Will's face :)


The playfield







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nice work! and definitely go with a pad rather than mouses(?)

I use Gimp but the results are similar

but I wouldn't get too gung ho on faces

 it's the actual colors of the pf that usually need the most touching up

 or dirty play fields can be cleaned this way

keep it up though as redrawing is one of the most boring things to do with a pin imo

but working in art programs for me was always fun and relaxing

 and who knows you may be our next JP or Scapino when it comes to artwork!

or maybe you could help WildMan on the Backdrops

if he's still willing to do them after this last debacle with vpf

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