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Jokerz! (Williams 1988)


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File Name: Jokerz! (Williams 1988)

File Submitter: RDuB

File Submitted: 16 Apr 2013

File Category: B2S Backglasses

Jokerz! (Williams 1988) db2s animated backglass with working card wheel

Must be used with B2S 1.25 or later

starting around Lines 90 maybe

Change the - Length - steps - addsw

Set mWheel = new cvpmMech
With mWheel
.Length = 200
.Steps = 16
.mType = vpmMechStepSol + vpmMechCircle + vpmMechLinear + vpmMechFast
.Sol1 = 14
.Sol2 = 13
.Addsw 59, 0, 6
.Callback = GetRef("UpdateWheel")
End With

Click here to download this file

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I am still working on this and have an update that has a card wheel with new circumference and a new set of table script changes, but make this work very accurate.

I am finishing up testing and should be ready soon.



I accidently up loaded a bad test version along with a wrong version number. Was a little tried last night.


As of right now the newest version is just with a better looking wheel image but not final.(1.0.1)

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With a value of 194 instead of 195 I get different cardsf between the BG and the apron.

195 works best for me.


Yea I have heard that from several people, but than I have heard that 194 was better. Hopefully I will have this ironed out with this next update.

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