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I am wondering about one problem. B2s server allows you to set backglass resolution in screenres.txt file. There you can also set an alternative resolution for "small displays" and use that to display old tables (EM, SS?) where the aspect ratio is mostly 4:3. These aspect ratios are often different though. Some are 1:1 square, some reverse 3:4 aspect ratio, etc.  I know, you can then manually set the .res file for each table separately. But couldn't the b2s server do it automatically? Since the height is always fixed, couldn't the width be calculated automatically based on the image file used? As an option, of course.

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Sounds like a good idea! What about trying to fix it yourself?


I just started to test modifying the B2S Server, because I needed newer functionality.

I found out it actually really easy... try it!

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Bit late to the topic. But the height isn't always fixed. I use a 1600 X 1200 monitor for the backglass. And some images need to be displayed in wide-screen mode to look correct. Terminator 2 is an example. At 1600 X 1200 is looks all wrong and I need bars top and bottom to make it look right. Using .Res files is quick and easy enough for me.

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Is there a way to do this "Click the "Small" button. Click Save Settings." by script?

I have no clue where it is stored for each backglass.


I'm also interested in a generic solution... Was thinking about a python wrapper using a template.

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It is stored in the B2STableSettings.xml as the  <StartBackground>1</StartBackground> setting.


So each table has this setting, or by using the latest version, it can be set globally (changing the default)



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