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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


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Hy there, I´m new to this I love Harry Potter.

In Youtube there are Videos from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire VPX Table.

I don´t find this table and no PUP-Pack.

Has anybody this table and can send it to me?


Thank´s Nick

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Was able to get the table up and running however no video plays.  I hear the audio and the score is shown but no video.  My other pup tables like Stranger Things and Munsters work so it is probably not my 2 screen setup.  I've followed the nailbuster troubleshooter and still no luck.   Does anybody else have this issue and does anyone know how to correct it.



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Hi barneyrfd, did you get it working?  Just got my widebody cabinet up and running with VPX and FP tables (thanks to Terry Red's excellent tutorials).  Now I'm on the hunt for tables like this one.



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Did anyone figure out the music not playing issue?  The videos and table sounds and everything else work but I can't get the music (backglass?) audio to work. There are audio files in the pup pack.


I also haven't been able to find any real documentation on setting things up.

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