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[New VPVR Alert]Attack From Mars VR (Bally - 1995) G5K

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Attack From Mars VR (Bally - 1995) G5K


UPDATE  (v1.3.1)  VR ROOM version of G5K, DJROBX, and TOM TOWERS' Attack from Mars!
Thanks to G5K, DJROBX, and Tom Tower for this awesome VPX version of Attack From Mars.  I have not touched the physics, graphics, or gameplay from the original authors VPX version.   I did have to change the sidewalls sizing, images, and materials to get them to display properly in VR.  The script has a lot of changes for VR, mostly all at the end of the script.
Thanks goes to..
Some VR models and help from: 3RDAXIS
Space Ship animations: STEELY  (Special Thanks.  You're crazy Steely)
Thanks always to Randy Davis, The VP development team, and Caligula for bringing us VPVR
Use Left and Right Magnasave to toggle VR Room components / Minimal room on or off.
Press “G” To toggle playfield glass on and off (it is set to on by default).
You can change playfield glass on/off by default near the top of the script


What's New in Version V 1.3.1 -


- New coin door code implemented (Thanks Rascal!).  Couple other small fixes.


What's New in Version V 1.3.0 -


- All new backglass with working GI and flashers (Thanks very much to LEOJREIMROC! ).

- 3rd Axis coin door added (Thanks 3rdAxis!) with working rom buttons and manual.  (use the 'End' key to check it out).

- Sixtoe minimal room added (magnasave toggle) Thanks Sixtoe!

- Backbox inner walls lighting reflections added.

- Undercab lighting is now an option at the top of the script

- Car Alarm!

- Table file size reduced by 50mb from last release.

- Many visual material/texture updates for the room objects.

- VR room code cleanup and fixes.


What's New in Version 1.2.4

    V 1.2.4 –
    Fixed walls sticking out at back of cabinet.
    Added Backbox warning decal.
    Made plunger button bigger (correct size now).
    New Speaker Grill.
    Sound cue on VR room elements toggle.
    Added playfield glass with DMD reflection.
    Added coin sitting on the glass (It moves with analog nudge).
    Press “G” To toggle playfield glass on and off (it is set to on by default).
    You can change playfield glass on/off by default on line 225 of the script
    V 1.2.3 - Fixed collidable wire ramp heights (Thanks Walter). Made Clear ramps more translucent and Fixed some unwanted effects from the undercab lighting (Thanks Rob).
    V 1.2.2 - Fixed script error for people set to FS. Made grill less reflective.
    v1.2.1 - DJRobX merged to fix a few small issues. Super pops light now connected, and the alien models were lowered. Thanks Rob. Brought VR version number in line with their table version #.
    v1.0.0 - Initial release.

om Mars VR (Bally - 1995) G5K 1.2.4


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