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Can't download Anything But can Logged out.

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Hello everyone, does anyone else have a proble where you can't download anything when signed in, get a message saying "Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file." yet can download a few things while logged out. Was able to download just fine 24 hours ago. I read there is a download limit but it's been a day, seems a bit odd limiting downloads like this or is it just an account sign in error, deleted cookies as well.

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Due to people scraping the sites we have put in security measures. 

The Members group is limited to 35 downloads per day, 30 second wait between files and 2 simultaneous downloads.  I actually changed this setting this evening as it was originally 125 files per week.  Which your account hit already.  Counters should reset shortly.

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Oh thank you, I didn't realise there was a download limit until I read the forum, so much good content on here and got working backglass with the tables on single screen, so I ended up downloading them for the tables I have and colour DMDs.  Set the whole pinup popper and tables horizonal, wasn't happy with portrait mode on my TN panel. 😛

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