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[New VPVR Alert]Ice Cold Beer VR (Taito 1983) (VR Standalone Game)

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Ice Cold Beer VR (Taito 1983) (VR Standalone Game)

This is a STANDALONE PROGRAM that does not require Visual Pinball.   It requires a SteamVR compatible VR headset with controllers.  Have SteamVR running and load the exe.


I have loved this game since I was a kid.  Since I can't afford to buy one, I thought I would make one in VR instead. :)  I hope you all enjoy this re-creation/emulation of Taito's Ice Cold Beer in Virtual Reality!  I did my very best to preserve the machines physics and gameplay rules.


This game has been tested on CV1, Quest1, Quest2, Reverb G2, and Valve Index.


If you'd like to set this up with an i-Pac, the keyboard keys are set to A,Z  /  K,M  / '1' to start game  /  ESC to exit game.  (Left and Right Control and Shift buttons now work as well, if you want to use your VPVR 'Stubby' cabinets Flipper and Magnasave buttons.)


If you are not centered in front of the machine at game load, press your SteamVR menu button on your controller and use SteamVR's quick recenter button.  You should now be directly in front of the machine. (You can use this to place yourself where you want)


When the game is not in play, there is a service panel button on the front to access the games dip switches.

Thanks very much to the multiple hardware beta testers that found bugs that I would not have known about (using only one set of hardware).  These guys worked hard to relay important information to me, and it is appreciated.

Robert Courtemanche
Allen Rubin
James Ricalde
Walter Whitmer
Arvid van Kasteel


Thanks to Todd Moore for the Fantasy mode music.

Thanks to Steely for providing the playfield model and texture as well as work on the control panel texture, and thanks to the Visual Pinball table authors for providing the bezel artwork and game sounds.

Thanks to Jeff S. for the original ICB cabinet model.

I make these games because it is a passion of mine.   If you would like to help keep me motivated for more future projects, you can buy me a beer at [email protected].  Or, just send me a message of thanks.  I appreciate those a lot :)





Ice Cold Beer VR version 1.2.2 - MUCH smoother radio station transitions.


Ice Cold Beer VR version 1.2.1 - 5 channel streaming radio added.


Ice Cold Beer VR version 1.1.2 - New Fantasy Mode!  Find it in the service panel.  Gameplay fixes to classic mode - Bar now nudges like the real machine after prompt time expires (Thanks Shockman). Some new lighting and other small fixes.


Ice Cold Beer VR version 1.0.9 - Update (Quest Standalone version now included!)    PC version 1.0.9 - Added Height adjustment limits.  Moved the High Score board over the machine rather than on the Golden Tee cab.  Fixed a target 10 issue where it was registering when it shouldn't have been.  Other small fixes.


Ice Cold Beer VR version 1.0.7 - Update - Height adjustment in service Panel.


Ice Cold Beer VR version 1.0.3 - Initial release.




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I have now included a wires-free Quest standalone version in the zip.  I had to tone things down a bit for the Quest version, but I am pretty happy with what I got away with here.   Now you can play ICB out in the woods, sitting on the toilet, driving in your car, wherever!    Have fun!





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