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[New VPVR Alert]Gargamel_Park

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Thanks to JP Salas for this original table. This table design is really something special, and it shines in VR!  I have not touched the physics, graphics, or gameplay from JP's original VPX version. Thanks very much to UncleWilly for the help with the DMD conversion to flashers. The VR code is at the bottom of the script and in the keydown/keyup functions.

Thanks goes to..

VPX table: JP Salas

EM reels to VR DMD conversion: UncleWilly

Thanks always to Randy Davis, The VP development team, and Caligula for bringing us VPVR.  Thanks also to DJRobX and Rawnie for their continued support.

Options: Left and Right Magnasave to toggle VR Room components on or off.

You can turn the background music off on line 154 of the script.



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