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The following Content Creators & Table Authors have requested for their releases to be pulled from the site.  This includes VR conversions based on their creations.


At this time I do not know their reasoning as to why pull content.  I am assuming that this is due to the recent packs being released. Removing content is a bad idea as it will force people that really want it to seek out packs, drives, or other non-community sources.

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Got a response from Laylow regarding his decision to pull content...  If you guys don't think that upvoting/liking/rating/reviewing files isn't important to content creators... Think again.

"Last week I was looking at my files here and saw 18000+ downloads vs 9 likes." - Laylow

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So sad we have babys like this.. OH wait I didnt get 50000 likes ,Im not sharing no more... LMFAO

Keep your files and go hide in the corner and sulk, It crybabies like you that give this hobby a bad name. we dont need you or your content ...😘

Man if I went by thanks to dload ratio there would be no Back Glass files here at all ....👎

Any other Babies out there just upload your stuff over at VPF, I know for a fact it will be much more appreciated over there 🤣

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Oh and on a side note about people stealing shit and taking our work WHICH WAS NEVER OURS TO BEGIN WITH LOL..  Alot of my Back Glasses are shown on alot of websights

that sell backglasses and translites .. and i didnt have no say 😉..  BUT DO I GET MAD AND PULL ALL MY CONTENT FROM ALL THE WEBSIGHTS I UPLOADED IT TO ???????

NOT.....  You think your going to stop anything LOL.. Anything you upload to the net stays on the net FOREVER.. WAKE THE FUCK UP !!! AND QUIT CRYING  ..  WTF MAN 🖕 🙄

Im so sick of the crying, everything that is made for VP is taken from resource's that none of us own we enhanced it made it better, hell most of the time even better then the original 😁

so sick of guys crying how many hrs i put in using somebody elses idea's and IP content... Its time to stop the IP drama we are all guilty and cannot blame others for doing the same thing you did!!

I only say these things cause of the postings I have been seeing on other sites ,,,keep beating a dead horse 🙃  Its time to move on and get over it .. If you dont agree get out of this hobby and move on..

people are sick of the same drama everyday,same topic..  waste of time man!!  Im here to make shit for the few people that really enjoy playing pinball and having fun and just want to play without the bullshit..

And one more thing this type of behaver about people complaining about this stuff will not be welcome here, go somewhere else or make your own site..  Now I kinda see why Randr close his site and I dont blame him 

for being feed up with the bullshit everyday, Kudos to him!!!!    We are all here for the same reason WE ALL LOVE PINBALL.. But we are tearing it apart its our fault not the scumbags out there making shameless money..

We all need to move on and enjoy what we have while its here and not let shitheads bother us 😉..........    ALL I WANT TO DO IS PLAY PINBALL AND HAVE FUN ..What about the rest of you ???

Thanks for reading RANT OVER LOL...... But for real WE NEED TO MOVE ON and be over this BS.. 


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I have my own opinions on things... but simply put... you gotta do this stuff because you love it for "yourself".


There has always been those out there who are shitty people that try to sell other people's stuff they got for free,etc. Always will be. Anyone in the hobby old or new who thinks this is new is kidding themselves. Yes, don't support it... but get on with life and do what you love. Don't let the ass-hats win.


Every author out there got something from this hobby from someone else to benefit themselves in either creation of the tables they make, or the tables they play made from someone else. I have never EVER understood the mindset of "take my ball and go home" from authors who pull all their stuff from all the "community" sites. With that attitude, you may as well delete everything vp related on your HDD at home by "principle".


This is NOT the same as VPinball closing down (totally understand the reasons for that). We have plenty of great VP and FP sites we can collaborate on. Grow the hell up boys and girls.


I'll also point out.... you have never ever seen the VPX devs or NailBuster or mjr or freezy or ravarcade, DJRobX, etc have attitudes like this. They don't complain or create drama or pull their stuff out of protest. They do what they love and work with everyone. No complaints. Great examples.


If an author is "done" with the hobby...sure that's fine ...but pulling all your stuff from the sites is toddler like. Unless there were serious reasons they needed to we don't know about... then let your work be enjoyed by the "community" of your peers for years to come... not just the Torrent leechers who will be the only ones sharing it now.


Now if you excuse me, I'll go back to getting my content uploaded to all the vp "community" sites I can, so everyone can enjoy it. Then I'm back to work on RetroFlair 2. No sulking or feet stomping here.

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There is always context and facts we don't know that leads to someone's decision. If you think these things happen out of rage you're naive. And if you take someone else's opinion for a fact, you're an idiot.


When it comes to Knorr, he explained his reasons to me, and they were plausible. He's not gonna go anywhere, he just doesn't want to have his stuff on websites anymore. I'm perfectly fine with that.

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I'm a fan of Visual Pinball! I've been a fan for many years.  That's all I am or will be though, I love playing this and real pinball , but I will never contribute because I do not know how to contribute. I'm not a person that knows computer code. I'm at the mercy of the visual pinball community for content. Without content I'll do 1 of 2 things, i'll lose interest and play something else ( probably emulated video games , cemu ,ppsspp ,dolphin emulators etc... or other pc games) or... I'll look elsewhere for content.  Im a consumer , and I'll pay good money to get it if neccesary assuming my level of interest . Arcade 1up , toyshock , atgames and cabinet makers are starting to fill that need. So are the content grabbers who sell the packs unfortunately . Visual pinball has been around for close to 2 decades now right? Improvements in the software , improved tables , actual freaking gaming cabinets that look, feel, and play like real pinball machines , right? Now there is real money involved and real skin in the game , correct? Well what the actual F did you think was going to happen? That no one would eventually violate the rules and sell "FREE" content?? And who besides wealthy folks can actually afford a real bells and whistles pinball machine, but guess what , now comes the opportunity ,  that maybe they can afford an emulated pinball machine??? I know for one thing that sounds very attractive to me ,a pre-fabricated enjoyable expierience for me that is actually affordable ,  want to know why? Because im an adult with kids and bills and mortgage payments who's former glory days are way behind him , I just want to play some damn pinball before I die! If I can this way through the content creators , great! But if I can save time and money and buy an arcade 1up (attack from mars cabinet btw! ) so be it. This is not a debate , it is reality! hobby or not! Prove me wrong!


Times have changed and now is the time for content to come forth , or... someone else will eventually fill that need , and they will download code , or they will find ways to get code through other commercial needs or business ventures or they will eventually create there own . Watching vpinball.com burst into flames is only going to push commercial sales or pack sellers to copy paste ,steal code ,copy code etc.... ad nauseum!!! Loss of content will destroy visual pinball , not reinforce it.


Its like playing emulated video games ( yet another hobby! ) look at how popular retrogaming has taken off. But if Super Mario bros. could'nt be downloaded , No one would buy a raspberry pie. Or game controllers . Or sd cards . Or arcade cabinets . Nintendo switch sells , because some people like to play the games from there glory days and will buy whatever it takes to relive those moments . Thnkfully people can still buy super mario bros, on the estore . Now why can't I play Masters of the Universe or Waynes world or the Wizard of Oz with the Pup packs ??? Because it currently cannot be downloaded . Well aint that convienient??? Here ,take my money please!!!


Edit Oh and throw a tip in the tip jar for the developers who put this out for the masses this S aint free!

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While I would prefer content to remain available, I do agree that it's the author's choice to take it down.


And as noted, the reason doesn't have to be a "take my ball and go home because you people don't play by the rules" rage quit.


It could be that they got a new job, and their new employer is much more interested in sniffing around one's online activities, with a laundry list of things they could call someone into the office to talk about.


It could be they just lost their job, and need to make sure that they have the time to job hunt, and that there's less to find that can keep them from getting a job.


It could be that they got visited by a lawyer bearing a letter with a header that says, "Cease and Desist". Remember, a lot of this stuff is only here because the IP owners have chosen to ignore it (note: not that they don't know about it... if they have a legal team worth any salt, then yes, they know full well about the sites). And if they can handle things quietly by approaching an individual prolific author, they will.


If their partner takes them aside and comments that they're legitimately spending a little too much time on a hobby, that it's starting to interfere with more important things, and they listen.


It could also well be that they're looking at a host of other things where they may no longer be able to devote time to the hobby, and need to eliminate support requests for their tables.

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8 hours ago, freezy said:

There is always context and facts we don't know that leads to someone's decision. If you think these things happen out of rage you're naive. And if you take someone else's opinion for a fact, you're an idiot.


When it comes to Knorr, he explained his reasons to me, and they were plausible. He's not gonna go anywhere, he just doesn't want to have his stuff on websites anymore. I'm perfectly fine with that.


Yes, Knorr cleared everything up in the other post on here.


My frustrated statement was truly a "general statement" that was directed more at those who intend to "rage quit" and "take their ball and go home" for who knows what. It wasn't directed at Knorr.


I did point out in my comment "Unless there were serious reasons they needed to we don't know about" because we don't always know why.... but I am thankful that Knorr came on here to let everyone know why, as things have been way too heated in the last week.


I will always stand by the wishes of devs or authors.... I just didn't want to see more people pulling their stuff off of all sites thinking it would stop packages or sellers at this point as sadly it won't, it will just make it happen more. However, Knorr's reasons were very valid and I stand behind them.



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