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[New VPVR Alert]ACDC LUCI Premium Minimal VR Room (Stern 2013)

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ACDC LUCI Premium Minimal VR Room (Stern 2013)

A minimal VR room for ACDC LUCI Premium by Stern based on Ninuzzu 's excellent VPX original.

There is a VR version already, but this one is based on the Luci version and solves some of the performance, visual and flasher issues the original ones have, including blown out lighting in VR and some other cosmetic issues,



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Easy top 10 game for me, might even get the most play.. who doesn't love AC DC??.. Thanks to the authors this one really is a gem and plays great in VR with this minimal room your system can focus on the table :)


I know its a lot of work but anyway you could do the other versions?

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