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New to virtual pinball and starting on a machine, few questions if anyone can help


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Hello anyone who happens to read this. I wouldn't mind some knowledge if you care to share it.


I decided a few weeks back to begin working on a virtual pinball machine. The progress was good just using an old 1080p screen i found in my attic, just to play with it and learn the installer and playfield setup.


So I have run into a snag. I switched to using a 4k screen for the playfield and that caused issues with the virtual dmd not loading for any table. I found a guide to pinbulb that would "fix" the missing dmd issue and that seemed to do the trick. Once I ran that the dmd was running again and I could tab to that and move it to my "backbox" screen. 


After "fixing" the dmd issue I now no longer have a backglass loading. I have tried to alt-tab to it, but there is nothing showing at all running for backglass.

I have tried to find it when configuring single tabled in vpx editor but it doesnt seem to be loading at all.


Is there some step I am missing for this to re-enable or resetup backglasses? I also tried editing the text file that shows the backglass location and screen but that didnt do anything, it is like the backglass is not loading at all.


Thanks for any help and I am excited to be here. 


Here is a link to my initial setup, obviously there is still some work to do with pinup but that is not a priority for me right now. 


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Hey there I can try to help. A few things to try:

1. Make sure your b2s has the exact same name as table.

1. Try reregistering the b2s server in tables folder called b2s register app or something like that.

2. Run the B2s setup app and make sure all the fields are correct. - also located in tables folder. 

3. double check your screenres.txt to make sure your settings there are good.  - also located in tables folder.

4. If all else fails don't dispute the reboot.


Also I referenced this post a lot when I was first dialing in my setup.  https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=33272&page=7#entry346276

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Hey thanks for the reply @goblindriver.

I reran the register tool a few times and the b2s configuration making sure the resolution and screen were correctly selected.


I ended up fixing it but not really sure how. I went in to one of my tables to try and troubleshoot and I found in the script a setting to show dmd only and it was set at 1. I changed it to 0 and for this table the backglass showed up. I then noticed in other tables that there was a setting for vpinMAME for the controller and I switched it to b2s.server and it fixed some other tables. After all this All but one table now has the backglass and the dmd. The first table I was tinkering with is missing the dmd now so back to troubleshooting that one but I am happy the 40+ others are working!


Any ideas what files need to be removed if I want to start fresh on a table? Attack from mars is the one missing a dmd now. I tried deleting the vpx file, b2s, and rom putting the original copies back in but it did not clear the dmd settings for the table. I guess there is some other file that is storing this tables data.

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Shouldn't need to remove anything.

couple more things to check:

I would hit f1 when the game is running and make sure use external dmd is checked.

You can also check your dmddevice.ini to make sure everything looks good there. located in vpinmame folder.

individual game settings get saved down at the bottom so maybe your attack from mars settings got saved with an off screen resolution or something.

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DMD info also gets saved to the registry for vpinmame in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Freeware\Visual PinMame\<ROM_name>


As usual with doing anything to your registry BACKUP FIRST and modify at your own risk. But deleting the key for afm_113b should reset anything that has been messed up and will be recreated the next time you run the table

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