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Vpin Refugees...


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Have you seen the movie Pandorum?  B movie with an A+ ending.   

My time on Vpin let me interact and learn from a kaleidoscope of characters.  The energy, commitment and brilliance of the work people just...shared!. was beyond anything I ever thought I would experience when I first started out.  Vpin had a flow to it that promoted interaction.  I don't know diddle but got to chat with some of the best minds.  And that experience helped change my contraption into an obsession.  

Thanks again Dazz for rolling out the sleeping bags.

Oh, the end of Pandorum -  Escaping a sinking ship can sometimes let you wind up where you were meant to be. 


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Actually more time to play my tables virtual and real.  Checking in on these sites is habit forming and when a habit has to be broken suddenly, it does feel strange.  But I've played more pinball in the past week than I have in a long time.  It's been good!! 


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If the hobby is healthy someone else will show up and make their own version of missing games. If it isn't then let it burn.


It's not like none of us can sleep at night because we don't have a copy of the EM variation of Dragon.

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I thought about sending 32assassin a DM since I know one of the tables is made by him but I also know he probably needs some time away after what went down last week with Bigus.  I also have an old arcade cabinet I need to start testing so I'm in no rush to get the missing tables.

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