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[New VPVR Alert]Whitewater Minimal VR Room (Williams 1993)

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Whitewater Minimal VR Room (Williams 1993)

A minimal VR room for White Water by Williams.

Based on the glorious VPX original by Flupper, with Dark, Lobotomy, Wrd1972, Clark Kent & DjRobX.

VR stuff by Sixtoe.

This is a stunning table and one that's been sitting on my computer for a while, it needed major surgery due to how it was designed and I was tweaking it here and there for almost a month, and then it was on hold for a while whilst I tried to get the backglass working properly in table (so you don't need a db2s at all) as I wanted to make a really good job of the whole machine :) It's my first attempt at a "complex" backglass and I got it working how I wanted to but as always I'm open to feedback :)


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    Flupper, Dark, Lobotomy, Wrd1972, Clark Kent, DjRobX


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