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Putting Scores at the Bottom of the Backglass Monitor W/Freezy


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If you want to try this ideal putting scores at the bottom of the backglass
This will only work for games that have the score built into the back glass,  Including 3 screen BackGlass that have the Score Built in
Select F1 turn on external

You will need have the 32 Bit Version (x86.zip)
Freezy files   dmdext-v1.x.x-x86.zip  -- https://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/3370-attack-from-mars-colorization/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-42753
An out of this zip file I used – DmdDevice.dll and dmdext.exe – But you may also need the other files if you don’t have them (If you New To Freezy)
Tested on a Pin2DMD and a LCD
If your coming from Freezy 1.71 You will need to add this to your DmdDevice.ini file (save file)
enabled = false


Ones you confirm the 1.8 is working
Go back into your ini file and set this to true
enabled = True

Run the game once,  You should get some small DMD's ( 2 maybe more) that show up on the Play Field, Then close the game and set the above back to False
Go in your DmdDevice.ini file and you should see something like this

Add these 2 line - save file
alphanumeric enabled = true
virtualdmd enabled = false

alphanumeric pos.0.left = 1344
alphanumeric pos.0.top = 552
alphanumeric pos.0.height = 120
alphanumeric pos.1.left = 44
alphanumeric pos.1.top = 802
alphanumeric pos.1.height = 80
alphanumeric pos.2.left = 530
alphanumeric pos.2.top = 589
alphanumeric pos.2.height = 120
alphanumeric pos.3.left = 28
alphanumeric pos.3.top = 617
alphanumeric pos.3.height = 85
alphanumeric pos.4.left = 1461
alphanumeric pos.4.top = 693
alphanumeric pos.4.height = 120
alphanumeric pos.5.left = 1614
alphanumeric pos.5.top = 685
alphanumeric pos.5.height = 120

Then restart the game and put the small DMD's at the bottom of the backglass using the mouse
You will notice when you hover over them in the bottom right corner you'll have an arrow (Drag the arrow)
and above that you'll have a little gear,  When you click on the gear you will get a menu
More info on the menu -- https://github.com/freezy/dmd-extensions/tree/master/LibDmd/Output/Virtual/AlphaNumeric

Then you will need to adjust your pinup screens

If you have The Latest ( Backglass Server ) and want to change the size of the back glass Per Game
Latest Backglass Server and info on Separate ScreenRes.txt file  --  https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=33272&page=7#entry346276

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