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Tip Me / Beer Me is Back!


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VPU has added back the option for people to send a Tip or Buy a Beer directly to a Content Creator.  People that are Content Providers will have the ability to add a PayPal link to their profile.  If you believe that you should be considered a Content Creator; please send me a PM.

If your account has the correct permissions as Content Creator; you will see the following option. To enable this; Access your Account Settings. 

Scroll down to "Tip Me Settings"

Enter your PayPal.com or PayPal.me link.

A button will appear on the users profile, posts and downloads that other users can click on to send a direct Tip to the content creator.  If there is any abuse of this system; the abusing user will be removed.


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I found a bug with this feature... I had to disable this while I get my developer to fix it.  Once re-enabled; you will probably need to go back in and re-input your link.

Sorry about that.

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17 hours ago, cox said:

hello sorry for the digging but I want to know if this option is still valid? because I did not find thank you

Your status is member not content creator? I'm guessing  Dazz may need to change your status. 


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On 11/29/2021 at 6:03 AM, cox said:

hi ok thank you for your answer, I contacted dazz about it, I am waiting for his return.😉

Once I've done some verification steps; I'll go through and verify/validate and upgrade status. I just haven't had time lately, but will get to the ones I have pending soon.

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