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Hi guys!
I’m setting up my pinup popper right now. I have a little issue with my PIN2DMD. Look at the pictures. The colors are off, the lower part looks blue and what is supposed to be black is not. On VPX tables everything looks good, but on Stranger things I have the same issue. Haven’t tried other UltraDMD tables. On FX3 everything is fine although.
I use FlexDMD and Freezy 1.8
Any ideas what I’m missing?
Help is much appreciated!




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3 hours ago, outhere said:

Show us a picture of the PIN2DMD when you first turn it on

The rgb sequence looks good. It works on VPX tables and FX3 tables. The last picture shows the lcd version of the popper logo, which looks ok. I run  firmware version 4.something on PIN2DMD.

Any ideas?





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On 4/15/2021 at 8:23 PM, felix said:

I got the same problem di u solve It?


Hi there! I fixed it by downgrading to firmware version 3.20 on my PIN2DMD. Haven’t tried the lastest versions though. 

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I got the same problem since updating to 4.1 firmware

The lower half of the pin2dmd has a different color. This happens only with ultra or flexdmd tables.

Normal vpinmame works look good.


After going back to 3.15 everything is o. K.


Any solutions?



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I do not use lucky dll, since some months, because I got sound problems (stuttering) with them.


well I checked it, with the newest dll (4.2) and the newest firmware.

The color problem is gone, ultradmd tables work (f.e. deadpool, dark princess), but now I get a new error when starting vpinmame tables (f. e. ACDC).

"Communication error: Check cabeling and firmware version"

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next update:

Computers are strange. I rebooted my vpin and this "communication error" is gone.


But once again with latest pin2dmd firmware and luckys dll, I get stuttering. DMD looks fine, but the sound stutters.

With freezy no sound problems, but the color problem



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just discovered that I had the same problem. every game I try the DMD is normal, but colors are split like OPs picture in Pinup popper.

Going back to pin2dmd firmware V3.20 as 64colors doesn't work yet anyways (well it does if I use Lucky1 dmddevice, but then a lot of 16color dmd are all crazy colored, so we need to wait until the devs have time to update Freezy dmddevice - and I say that with all respect to their time/priorities!)

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