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I bought a metallica pinball yesterday and there is a pin2dmd in 3.xx (don't remind) which works perfectly. I say I will update to 4.07. And now, the palette works on first frame and return to default palette on next frame. So, I downgrade by dfu my evo in 3.19 and now the palette selected is active until other one is selected by serial message. I don't have the original macro to modify but I can download my rom in pinball to modify in pinball browser if necessary. I think, it's a minor bug or I must stay in V3 for it.


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pin2dmd was in pinball and the modified rom (by macro) was in pinball too. I can backup this rom to USB. After, I can open it in pinball browser.

On my transformers pinball (SAM system too), I make a colorisation with pinball browser and it works on 4.01 firmware. I can try to upgrade to latest firmware and see if it's the same problem.

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