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I've been studying the documentation on https://pinball.weilenmann.net/docu/DirectOutputWIP/inifiles.html#inifiles_settingsexamples

And I've been reviewing examples...

There have been a few "codes" which are not referenced on that page and I'm hoping someone can explain what they mean/do...and if they are documented elsewhere, please point me to that...

For example:  E800 Purple 60 AW100 AH100 ADD AS300 <--What are these?

This tells me:

Trigger is E800, Color is Purple, Duration is 60, Width is 100%, Height is 100%

- ADD ....What is this?  Does it literally mean "add the next code"??

- AS300 ...What does AS represent? I'm assuming 300 is the duration for whatever AS means..

I've also seen ADR listed in examples ( E202 White 10 AT90 AL60 AH10 AW40 AS400 ADR L25).  What does ADR mean/do??

Thank you!!

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ADD means the effect moves down.

ADR means the effect moves To the right.

ADL means the effect moves to the left

ADU means the effect moves up.

AS defines the speed the effect moves

for example AS100 let the effect moving through the defined area in 1 second, 200 in a half second,400 in a quarter of a second 1000 in 100ms an so on.


E800 Purple 60 AW100 AH100 ADD AS300


If event 800 happens, the effect goes through the whole area (height and width at 100℅) from up to down in 1/3 of a second in purple. Each led is on for 60ms. I know it's mindfuck but after a while it will getting easier for you to understand this commands adhoc...


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