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I have here a pin2dmd board from smallcab with STM32 Nucleo  F429ZI Board. I`m just reading the docs and want to feed the pin2dmd with ie STTNG color files. When I`m following the instructions I need a sd card.

But... where is the sd card slot on the board? :)

I really appreciate your help.



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Ok, thanks for your fast response. So for use in real pins this SmallCab solution is not recommended ;) I guess it is more aimed to virtual pins as I now discovered. 

I'll take a look at the schematic how to attach a sd card slot. Help is appreciated. 

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Some minutes later :


Seems I completely missed the point. Sd card slot plus real pinball interface is missing on this product. So it is not usable for real pinballs without some modifications. 


Perhaps this experience helps someone in the future :)

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