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For several weeks now i'm trying to get  my adressable lightstrip to work in my cabinet.  vpx is installed and functional b2s works. I use a kl25z for nudging and controls. the teensy works perfect when programed. But with dof 3++ i can't get my the 2 ledstrips working who would be so kind as to help me.

I know i'm not the first one to come up with this question. :)




Cabinet.xml GlobalConfig_B2SServer.xml DirectOutput.log

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I tried both sides of the teensy. both give the same effect. the teensy flashes on a regular bases until i start a cabinet. Then it flashes 2  times with a short break.  The leds  display's a few collors and then do nothing. I wired the orange cable (cadcable) to the data part of the led and ground to white part. 5v comes from a external source.

Should i try different cadcables?

where should i put the  table configfiles?  Direct output folder or direct outputfolde/config or somewhere else.


I think i'm very close but i can't find the last piece of the puzzle


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