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PIN2DMD Not working

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1 hour ago, Pinballservicedenekamp said:

When I'm opening test input on my dmd itself it says pin 11 & 17 closed, is that correct?
And when I'm opening test Rs232 it says loop error. Could this be a link with my problem?

The correct usage of the input test is described here https://pin2dmd.com/#3

The onscreen menu is also descibed there. Did you try to reset the settings to default in the onscreen menu ?

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2 hours ago, Pinballservicedenekamp said:

Also with a external use of power and without a flat cable connected does the loop error stay, could that be a clue for this error?

The loop error is from the RS232 test because TX and RX from the RS232 interface is not bridged. That is not the cause of your problem.

Does a plasma work ?

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