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Animated Backglass Question


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Hi Guys, I luv this site - the information provided here is awesome -really could not imagine doing this project without it.  I am a noob and making my first cabinet, so far so good - I have spent a lot of time learning about Visual Pinball, mostly from all you pros here.  I think I am at a good point now and i have my tables working great with pinup popper. I have been using the Media manager to download my missing files for playfields, wheel and backglass - so far so good.

Most of my tables do NOT have a corresponding .directb2s file but I do have a lot of downloaded .mp4 animated backglass files from popper media manager - my question is - 

Is there a way to have the .mp4 attract backglass files stay ON while you are playing a table ?

Right now - I see the attract backglass in the popper menu working great for every game, but when I go and start the table, the backglass disappears back to the desktop, then upon exiting the table to the menu it comes back OK - would like to keep this ON while playing if possible ?

If I set the - force backglass on option in the game manager for a table, the same thing happens except the screen turns Black, then reverts back upon exit -

I am using Win 10, installed all components successfully per nailbuster install, Visual Pinball X, pinup player, B2Server, 3 screen setup (Playfield - Backglass - DMD)

Thanks in advance for your help - 

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