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I started colorizing TWD  well grey scale for black and white theme. I assume you use windiff between the original and colorized rom to share as we are not allowed to modify roms and share them here, but we can share .diff files. I loaded the rom into pinballplay.. and edited each frame there after importing the sample palette txt file I also added additional pallets. My questions are:

When I am editing a frame in PinballPlayer do I have to stick to one pallet for that frame?

Do I need registered version of Pinballplay to do anything special? it seemed to save the colorized rom fine.

When I load the modified pallet txt file saved from Pinballplay in to pin2dmd I assume I just save it as a pal file and all is good, what does registering it give me?

Anyways great work and I am motivated to do more with maybe a little help.

I assume if I want to share my diff and pal files I upload to the color rom patches section or do you want to see the pbm file also (is that really the diff file?).

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Pinball Browser does not have many features (that require a license)  when it comes to coloring the rom

Only one I know of is that you can import and export the DMD images . 


I don't have a licences  for Pinball Browser ,  so I'm just assuming.

but you might need a license in order to apply the PINMAME patch (if their is such a thing)

this is how you get pinball browser to switch the multiple pallets you created based on the frames displayed.


download this 


in the download file you are going to have   a   bsdiff.exe  

1. download the original unmodified  TWD LE VERSION  rom

2.  Make a copy of your Modified rom

3.  place both   Original and Modified rom in the same folder with the bsdiff.exe

4.  Open a MS-dos prompt window

5.  In your Command Line window ---->  go to the folder where you have your 3 files

6.  type  :bsdiff  OriginalROM_NAME.bin MODROM_NAME.bin  PATCH_NAME.diff


what is going to happen is that the bsdiff.exe is going to take your Modified rom  and compared to the original rom

the differences  between the 2 files will be compared and saved as a diff file.


you can then take the diff  file  use the VPU  patching system to   modify an original rom  to match your  modified rom.


if you are unsure of  steps 1-6  read through this tutorial

they are doing the same process but they are patching a rom file (using the bspatch.exe),     you need to create a diff file (use the bsdiff.exe)





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Pinball Browser creates a macro file (.pbm) which contains every step you made to change them ROM. This macro can be applied to the original ROM again with the registered version of pinball browser. The macro function is explained here https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/acdc-display-and-modify-dot-matrix-images/page/29#post-1875301

You should share your macros using the repository function which is explained here https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/acdc-display-and-modify-dot-matrix-images/page/50#post-4008153

To switch palettes you have to install the serial side channel patch which is described in the smartdmd section here https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/acdc-display-and-modify-dot-matrix-images/page/38#post-2722290

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Thanks for all the help Im doing fine with 16 grey scale I really like the black and white look like the comics. I will create a diff file using windiff and also share my pal file created with pin2dmd.  Still a lot of work to do some reason I cannot see every image with licensed version of pinball browser like the high score backgrounds. I am no artist though so mainly converting to grey scale and adding some optimizations to lighting.  One color I may add is red for blood should look good for grey scale.

Ok Lucky I will check that out on changing pallets right now im busy finishing my cab I will share pics when I'm done using popper as front end with two monitors. analog nudge and feedback and analog plunger.


All being said I'm just doing this to make my backglass dmd overlay look better on a virtual table. Do not currently have a colorized pin display but that will be in my next table build.

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