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Request: "Max Intensity" value of shaker and fan is not working for all tables!?


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I´m a beginner and trying to build my first VP?
Many thinks are working fine in my prototype. At the moment I'm working at the shaker.
I have one that is too strong for the VP. To use it with the full voltage could damage my pinscape controller. So I had to reduce the voltage/speed.

A common way is to do it with the “Max Intensity” value in the DOF Config Tool. I reduced that and wanted to test it in the “DOF test table” first,
because it it easy to test individual features with this table. But nothing happened. The output intensity was not reduced.
fortunately I tested it with the much smaller motor from my fan, so nothing was damaged. After that I tested it with another table. There it works fine.

I analyzed the reason of this strange behavior.
I found out that in same tables the intensity parameter (I) is not written in the “directoutputconfig.ini”.

Here are the tables I found (shaker at port 1 in LEDWIZ, "max intensity" =10)

Airport_1969,E125 m600
CollegeQueens_1969,E125 m600
aqualand,E101 300
big_indian,E128 200
bighit,W42 100/W41 100/W43 100

dof_test,E112 1500

jetspin_1977,E126 300
orbit_1971,E127 200
wildwildwest_1969,E135|E136 m200

I checked some tables again with shaker and fan (port 1 and 2, “max intensity”=10)
The “DOF test table” is not using the parameter for both, shaker and fan:

dof_test,E112 1500,E118 1500

and I found e.g. this tables where the shaker works but not the fan.

doflinx_effects,E31 I10,E34
acd_170,S8 m600 I10/S3 600 I10/W36 600 I10,S3 600 fd600
acd_168,S8 m600 I10/S3 600 I10/W36 600 I10,S3 600 fd600

It that a bug, or is there a reason for that?
Who can fix it?
Especially in the “DOF test table” it could bring same people in trouble, like me, if you use it for testing the reduction of the intensity.

Thanks for you help!


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