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King Diamond table WANTED!


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Hey guys, any King Diamond fans here?  Imagine how sick a KD table would be.  With all the great artwork from his album collection.  The horror themes could be endless.  Add in the sounds from so many killer songs?  I would love to see someone take this on.  I would even offer $500 of my own money and it does not need to be an original.  It can simply be a MOD from another table.  Any takers here?  Me?  No chance.  I looked into it and it looks mad difficult.  I know the table builders mostly do it for the love but hey, the money couldn't hurt right?  I'm 1000 percent serious btw.  Oh, it needs to be in pincab form.  LMK

Also, please let me know if you have a recommendation of someone that may be interested.


thank you

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