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Good morning,

May I know what are the conditions to get access to PIN2DMD source code ? I'm not specifically interested into building something that would mimic Pin2DMD, I'm more interested into the DMD protocol itself (from a Stern SAM/Whitestar/etc). Idea is to grab the DMD frame, generate trigger based on this (very similar to what is done in the PuP pack world on a pincab), and other activities. So I'm not necessarily interested into the whole source code, just the "frame grabber" portion

Is there any limitation to access it ?


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That functionality does already exist in pin2dmd. You can define keyframes which generate a 3byte packet (1byte device ID (1-255), 1 byte command (1-255), Nullbyte as terminator) on the serial port. There is also a open source pinball DMD project which contains all information you want. Have a look at https://github.com/ecurtz/RGB_DMD

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Thanks for your response, indeed the github you are referring to is a good starting point, as my goal is to essentially deploy it on a RPI or equivalent (I know about SmartDMD, but I prefer to go the open source route, as SmartDMD being closed source I can't modify and add to it easily).

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