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New Digital (Analog?) Plunger causing shaky playfield.


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I've modded a toyshock pinball machine and am reusing the stock plunger. After many hours of tweaking I finally got it to work smoothly and perfectly. 

Now the playfield is shakey like its being nudged to death. Can someone direct me to the setting that would offset this? I'm new to the hobby and even to pinball machines in general and I have no clue but am willing to put in the work. 

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Deadzone under dof/keys can be used. But, well, I advice you first to make sure that the nudge that you are seeing isn't of high values. If they are, and you crank the deadzone too high because of it, it won't feel natural. You can always download DiView or DXTweak2 both see and fine tune DirectX input values with.

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