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Pinemhi Version 1.2 Released (For Use With Fplaunch)


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PINemHi version 1.2 released (for use with fplaunch)


Added  90 ROMS
Total Number of ROMS supported is now :      1142
Total Number of VP-Games supported is now : 388
Total Number of FP-Games supported is now :   All (standard top ten hiscore table)

replayscores support using an ini-file (added all roms from Gottlieb in pinemhi_replays.ini) (more will follow of course)
selection for VP whether to have the hiscores only , replayscores only or both on.
selection for VP whether to have the buy-in hiscores displayed

These selections can be configured within the pinemhi.ini file

romfind fixes for games that start with 'the" in pinemhi.ini - thanks blur
added 107 entries (new ones from vpinmame 2.5) to the romfind section in pinemhi.ini

Fixed Starship Troopers rom (startrp) not showing Conquered Klendathu
Fixed Rollercoaster Tycoon rom (rct600) not showing the right scores and initials
Fixed Who Dunnit rom (wd_03r) not showing the right initials
Fixed trucksp2 and trucksp3 not showing the right initials and scores - thanks freezy
Fixed tag-team pinball to display right scores in tag team mode as well

You can download it from http://www.pinemhi.com



Dna Disturber ^_^

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