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Future Pinball - BAM : "Real" Spot Lights and Beacon demo. WOW!

OK... so I thought a still image wouldn't really convey just how amazing this looks already! So I have two short demos to show how the "real" spot lights look when used as a spot light and a beacon in Jaws and Aliens Legacy.

Note: most of the tables light (GI, some inserts, etc) are OFF for this demo to make it easier to see just how "real" this lighting is. BAM already had real "point lights", but this is next level!

You can adjust the falloff, the rotation, the angles, brightness, colour,etc... and as the video shows, you can use BAM's mini playfield tool to move the lighting anywhere you want for animations.

It's a wip...but man this is a game changer!



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The craziest lighting you'll see in a pinball table!

This video shows you how I used BAM to attach a "real" spotlight flasher (or anything, really) to a ball to have it act as a flashlight, or a beacon with very cool results!

I also tried replacing the Spinner Police Lights in Blade Runner with real beacon lights as well (on the Spinner and the stationary lights). You can see the lighting move and rotate across the table with the Spinner, with full reflections, and also see it affect the bump mapping. Very cool.

I turned off some G.I. lighting to make it easier to see the spotlights. Makes for some crazy friggin' lights I tell ya!



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