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I am a little confused, I believe there is a Pin2DMD v3 and a PinDMD3 and they are two different DMD companies.   I am interested in in primary Visual Pinball X table support and one that is relatively easy to set up for tables like Jurassic Park, Addams Family, High Speed, and Twilight zone tables.  Which of these two DMD is more popular or has an easier time setting up if there is a difference.   I am located in the United State if that makes a difference on decision due to where they are produced.     I don't necessary have a cabinet at this time. will build it into a box to use with a loose large monitor for now, may eventually build a mini table top, but the DMD experience is important for me.  I found a place in the Us that has the PinDMD3.  I would like to purchase today, so as soon as I need a pattern on what is recommended I will place my order on where I find the best price. If its split then unless I find a local US supplier of the other I may try the PinDMD3.


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