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12v On ATX PSU shuts off


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For my setup I have a 650w ATX power supply with a breakout board running my solenoids, shaker motor, strobe, i also have a few of those solenoids on a generic 12v power supply as well as a beacon on that generic.


There is a  5v flasherbar wired into the atx breakout board. well on some tables if alot of stuff activates at once itll shut off the 12v portion of the ATX power supply. but the 5v will stay on. (I know because the buttons in the front of the cab, also the flasher bar still works.


I cant see how I would be overloading the PSU. the 12v is like 42amp. thats alot. plus i have another 12v chillin in there with a few of the solenoids on that.

I have all the solenoids running through a sainsmart.


I just replaced that ATX power supply too. because the last one was a 400w  with 22amps on the 12v and i thought that could be the issue.

but even with almost twice as much juice im still having the shut off issue. maybe the breakout board has its limits?


ive tested all the toys in ledblinky. just incase it was a short. everything seems  to work fine.

If i hit the  green button on the breakout chip. everything turns back on


any ideas?

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