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Weird behaviour in Hook with DE 128x16 EVO board

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Just posting this in case anyone has seen this before with the smaller EVO displays. Apparently all other images display without issue. This person is running the custom ROMs in his game but has indicated that he does not see this when he plugs in the Boston Pinball display that he has on hand. He will swap out the custom ROMs for the originals tonight and report back.

@lucky1 any ideas on this?


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This is the normal animation of the score. It could be that it is has a higher refresh rate on the boston display because it is not processing data in software but should also be visible.

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I've checked other games (TMNT, Star Trek 25th Ann.) that are using the small displays and they show the same thing. I also noticed last night that Tommy does this as well so perhaps it's a Data East "feature".

And in case anyone is curious, Hook was tested with both sets of ROMs and did the same thing. The colour files also worked with both sets.

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