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after not having my cab on for about 6 months.  I turned it on today and suddenly started getting Line one errors on almost every vx table.  Some startindex errors too.  Updated all the windows files and and running VPX version10.6

Wheel of fortune.  Error while playing says : Index out of range Line 1

For example.  Creature of the black lagoon  ver 1.3 throws a STARTINDEX error when launched through PinupPopper, but runs fine through VPX externally.  Could it be pinup popper?  I am running 1.45

Anyone have the same issues or seen this before?Thanks!

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You probably have been a bad boy and put *.vbs files into where they don't belong. Now. Move every single *.vbs files you find into scripts folder.  (probably in tables folder) After that you download 10.7 beta, you extract only the files in the scripts folder, overwriting the ones you've got. (Ignore the rest of the files for 10.7beta for now - you are not ready to run it, since you've made this mess in the first place)

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