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Dark Knight / Hyperpin issue

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So I am having one issue with Hyperpin. All day long I have been able to add my tables as usual, no problem. HOWEVER, DARK KNIGHT is a thorn in my side. 

I added it originally earlier today and it conflicts and changes to the wheel next to it. Instead of the dark knight logo it uses something like Cue Ball Wizard. Then it screws up all the rest down the line. I tried deleting everything including the ROM, tables files and EVERYTHING. Tried it again and it does the same thing!


Like to table, would like to access it from my menu. What am I doing wrong with this table? 

FYI, I also checked the thread on this table with no answers there.) Im thinking its a hyperpin issue?


thanks again!!

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Post the section you are adding to the visual pinball.xml and the name of the table and I'll try to help. Its probably a spelling issue.

Here is the section from my xml and it works just fine.


  <game name="Batman Dark Knight tt&NZ 1.2">
    <description>Batman Dark Knight tt&NZ 1.0</description>

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