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So for the past 5 years, I have left a Virtual pin incomplete. Between my job, running a charity for kids here in Vegas, plus having a 7 year old daughter, I just didn't have the time. Now with the covid stay at home, I finally finished it. 


It is running 9.9.1 after I updated it from an earlier version of 9.

So my question is apparently 10x is the hot thing.

Im sure this has probably been answered but Ill ask in my way.


Im running an i-core 7 with 16GB of RAM and on a 128gb SSD. My video cards are an MSI GeForce GTX 660 and a gtx560ti. Im also running windows 7. It is a 3 screen set up with a 50” tv,  27”tv and 17” monitor for dmd  

What do I need to run 10. How big of a jump is this going to be? 

Will I need to redownload every ROM? reposition every DMD

Im sorry for so many questions but its been a while and debating what to do. I just spent the entire night awake last night redoing some of the files and such and of course Im running into tables that run Physmod5 and X and I can't run those on 9.9.1.


Thank you for your understanding and help. Much appreciated.


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Your video cards are going to be pretty light for VP - VPX 10.6  And you might be better off using one video card maybe But with a stronger video card 1 video card is recommended

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