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Pin2DMD How to with Future Pinball

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I have a working Future Pinball environment currently following Terry Red’s excellent mega guide.

I am stuck however with trying to get my Pin2DMD working…

NOTE: I have the RealDMD working fine with Visual Pinball X


The issue:

When I load up Future Pinball the DMDs are on the backglass only the Pin2DMD is empty…

I tried configuring DofLinx and I can get the LEDs and Matrix LEDs working but not the real DMD portion..

Anyone have a guide on configuring a Real DMD – specifically Pin2DMD with Future Pinball tables?

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I dont have futureDMD?!? it didnt come with the Future Pinball + BAM install

I have a working PinUP Player as well working with Visual Pinball X too



For Pinup Player Popper Version - 1.4.4 or Higher

This is a new method using FUTUREDMD DMD with a REAL or virtual DMD using Poppers PuPDMD driver. Note: you need Popper installed to use this. (will not work with just pinup player)

In Future Pinball Folder :
FUTUREDMD.ini Set your width/height to 128×32 and place in lcd area where freezy lcd would show.
Future Dmd – https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=8222

FP Launch script keep as is and add this at end: (change folder location of vpinmame if needed)

timeout /t 20
cd "C:\Visual Pinball\VPinMAME"
start /min "" "PUPDMDControl.exe" FP
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I know when I set up in a popper the future Pinball emulator was all set up and I believe all you have to do is out a rem 1 or 2 lines for futureDMD in the emulator set up

Plus you have to add this information plus set up future DMD

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