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Hi ,guys and girls , i am speeddemon from THE netherlands ,i am building a vpinball full cabinet  for a few  monts now 

and THE cabinet is done, i am now setting up THE soft ware, and i have a couple questions ,

the origram pinballx  wont load THE vpx games,vpt are working, vpx work in vp10  , after i open pinballx and i select a vpx table 

it Goes to vp10  and i most manuele select THE table  than i can play THE table , how do i get THE vpx  table run good in pinballx .

and what type of rom and table  do i need for THE Avengers 2012 , my vp10 cant find on my pc THE rom ,iT says THE rom is wrong 


pc is i5 (3d gen)


8gb ram


hdd 2tb

i am running a 3 screen set up 

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