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Couple of problems from a new user

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Hey all after messing around all night and all morning to get a two monitor display going ive had some great success, and some mixed results

So right now, my problem is this - 2 tables, 1 Star Trek 93, the back glass only has the digital display (whats the technical term for this thing?) So I can play, its fine, it scores, but theres no picture for the back glass even though i downloaded it, it should be there. Downloaded the 2-3 monitor B2S file so I guess thats an issue as I have no third monitor, Table sounds great but Music and Voice from backglass are very low and get drowned out by table sounds. 

I also have royal rumble 94 pinball, this has the same digital display and backglass static (with lights) picture. This is what I want for TNG! But here, its great - only problem... the digital display opens UNDER the back glass so after I open the game I have to minimize the table screen and drag the digital display to the other monitor (backglass) and put it in place, every time. Is there a way to save the setup so I dont have to do it every time? Music on this game is loud and sounds are glorious!

Any help is appreciated! 

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