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Independence Day WIP

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Release version 1.0 was added to the download section.

Big thanks as always to the incredible WOB  for testing and dump/video providing.

As usual I provide the files for free, but if you would like to say thank you by sending a drink, feel warmly invited to use the following link:

Project Summary (Thanks to Slippifishi):
Masks used: 25
Palettes used: 104
Trigger count: 1124
Working hours: 100+

For  private use only, please do not share or upload somewhere else, lead the people to this site instead.


1. Make sure you have Freezy´s dmd working correctly.

2. Extract and rename the files to pin2dmd and place them into your vpinmame/altcolor/id4 folder.

3. Feel invited to leave a review or comment at the file section.

For real pin requests, please PM.



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