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Hi Everyone,

I bought my first PIN2DMD’s and they arrived today. I can’t wait to put them into my machines, they look awesome!

I have read on the forums about Evo boards and other styles. Can anyone tell me what style board I have purchased? I have attached a photo.

I am fairly capable at general pinball stuff, but this PIN2DMD setup has me stumped. Any help would be really appreciated...





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Looks someone without profound knowledge about pinball power sources made his own shield design here.
You risk your pinball hardware if you use this board in a e.g. WPC machine. In a WPC machines the 12V on the original DMD power connector (12V DIGITAL) are regulated by a LM7812 at Q2 which can only deliver up to 1A. The Panels on a pin2dmd
use up to 4A/5V depending on the brightness settings. That´s is why I recommend to use the 12V POWER rail which is available at J116 or a external power supply. Please read here about your power sources 

Why do some people think, I haven´t thought about the original power connector as a source for the evo. There is a good reason
why I did no go that route - to save your valuable pinball hardware.


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