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DOFLinx scripting contest


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We are glad  to announce a brand new contest at Virtual Pinball Discord. A lot of us are loving Future Pinball and being able to play with force feedback is a real treat.        

We  decided to put together a contest ( well it will be a draw ) for people who want to mod a future pinball table of their choice by adding DOFLinx effects to it. 

Why are we doing this? Well , We know a lot of you are stuck at home and Modding a Future Pinball Table  ( Force feedback and LED ) can be learned fairly quickly. There is nothing more rewarding than coding a table and sharing it with the world.


In order to attract even more people to the idea, we decided to chip in and donate a few things that we had kicking around.


- 5 Led flashbar kit

- A Power management board ( Quatro )

- 2X Pinscape Kl25z expansion board ( Board only )

- 2X Pinscape Power expansion board  ( Board only )


The contest will be running until the end of April. I  never modded a Future Pinball table and I was able to learn by watching Terry’s Series on how to code Future Pinball. 

All the extra information is here : https://mameinabox.com/doflinx-contest


Happy Coding

Major Frenchy



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