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Adressables only work in configtester


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Hey peeps.
I got pretty far setting up two addressable strips with a Teensy and Octo..
However, the strip only activates when I manually activate switches in the DOFConfigtester Program.
Which means everything is connected and configured as it should.

But when loading the table (AFM for example) all toys  (ledwiz) work except the addressables.
I must be missing something in the settings I guess.
I'm truly baffled why they do work as supposed in the tester.

Another strange behavior is that there is only a log file written when I use the test software.
When running a table, no log is written although the Ledwiz works and the Teensy doesn't. This might help?

Thanks in advance for your help!

EDIT : I noticed a thread about this same behavior, but that had to do with a counterfit Teensy. This is an original one from PJRC.
When I right click the b2s screen I can see only one active toy ie Ledwiz1 and PUP. Does this has something to do with it? It's clearly not loading ledstrip controller.
All .dll files etc. are unblocked btw.
I checked and there is no orphaned B2S installation.

Here are the files needed.

DirectOutput.log directoutputconfig.ini directoutputconfig30.ini DirectOutputTesterSettings.xml GlobalConfig_B2S.Server.xml Cabinet.xml

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lol. Yeah, everything worked instantly!
Not sure how I got that dot in there. I triple checked file names even. Yikes!
Guess it used to be a habit to put a dot between b2s and server.

Those strips are an amazing addition to my cabinet. Really happy with em.
Again, thank you very much.

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Hi All, it tooks me 3 days before finding this post (searched mostly on another site), you fixed my issue, I verified on Major Frenchy's video...   He says *.Server*....   I'm good to move foward, I would like to thanks everybody who make this possible...  I'll enjoy my machine pretty soon.....   Thank you again Outhere!!!!  

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