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3 Monitors or Two?


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Hi Guys,

I'm new to the whole virtual pinball scene and would like some advice...

Is there any down side to creating a two monitor setup? I was considering the following...

43" 4k TV for playfield and a 32" 4k placed vertically for all backbox requirements.

I could possibly have  the 32" stick out of the top of the backbox as a topper.

Is this a good setup?

Also, IF this was the way to go, on a 90's pin does the software overlay artwork for the spaces around the dmd. I.E. will the software render digital speaker images etc while using the full backbox for older EM games.

I would place the physical speakers elsewhere in this setup, possibly the front of the cabinet.



Core I7, 16gb ram and Nvidia RTX 2070

I look forward to your advice.



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