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Anyone have real pin files for South Park and/or WWF Royal Rumble?

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I'm hoping that if you have real pin files for either of these games you would be willing to share them with me. I made a donation to CB3 for both of them over a week ago and I have not heard anything from him. I have no idea to reach him. Below is a snapshot from my PayPal account as proof of the donation - $25 for each title.


I realize that he hasn't been on the site since March 9th. I figured he would get the notification that someone has sent him money and he would respond but nothing so far.

Any help would be appreciated!


Dino Z.


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Hello my friends,

     I apologize for the delayed response and lack of participation her on the site lately.  I have decided to pursue a dream of owning my own business and that has taken up most all of my "free time"  that along with everything crazy that's going on in the world right now, kids being home, etc...  My responses to email requests my be a little slow....with that being said please be patient with me and if you could shoot me a reminder if you don't here from me in a day or two that is fine.  Everyone who emails or donates to me will get a response from me at some point...lol  If I can answer your question on technical challenges I will but understand I am just an artist and not a computer developer.  I do miss the community and working with all the fine people on here, I will pop in when I can and say HI, until then please stay safe and be cautious out there!  Cheers   cb3

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