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DOF install on Pinball FX3 Cabinet Mode

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I am unable to find clear instructions on how to install Direct Output Formatter in my FX3 Windows 10 system.  I've looked here, on vpforums, and on vpuniverse.  They have ones for visual pinball, etc, but are confusing because they don't directly apply to FX3 unless you are able to translate the directory names & structure - making it easy to mess up.  Existing tutorials don't directly address pinball FX3, installation,   Can someone help? Thanks.  

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Hi there! I get hooked on this thread, I have Steam FX3 cabinet mode installed without frontend I also have VPX installed, initially the project was for VPX, but for the moment I give up using it so as not to create more confusion, the buttons go through a kl25z that I bought in a French store already configured, along with the linear potentiometer, and they work in both systems, I get to make the plunger work in VPX, but not in FX3, the nudge does not work in either system, I want to clear my mind a bit by resetting everything , starting only from the FX3 base with the kl25z, to make plunger and nudge work, what steps should I follow ?, install dof, but from the configuration menu I see only parameters for lights and toys, my question may be very silly, but I read so much that the confusion is overtaking me! Thank you very much in advance!!

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-08 at a14.51.20.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-08 at 14.51.20.jpeg

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I want to ask my sincere apologies for my English, it is very basic +, I speak Spanish and Italian, Google helps me a lot, my goal is to be able to use the plunger and the nudge, get to that clean, it will be a great advance, I read about x360ce, I tried with it and the result was a great confusion in the buttons that without that program worked well.

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