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I've installed an EVO display in my friend's Metallica machine. The speaker panel is metal and quite thin compared to older games. When you remove the factory display and red acrylic panel and install the pin2dmd display, it sticks out the front of the panel. I was thinking of putting in a clear acrylic panel and then putting the display right up against it and tightening everything up. The clear acrylic will be sandwiched between speaker panel and the LED panels of the display.

Does anyone think this will be an issue with the LED panels? Will this generate too much heat and shorten their lives? Should there be a gap between the acrylic panel and the LED panels? I can put in some spacers but the easiest solution is to sandwich everything together.

Thanks for your input!

Dino Z.


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I bought some hex spacers as well and when we tried it with them it put the display far enough back. When we put the original red cover in front of it to test fit there was a bit of a gap between it and the display and nothing to hold the cover firmly in place.  I'm assuming that if you just used the hex spacers that you did not put a clear panel in front of the display. I guess we could just use some nuts on the studs to hold the clear acrylic piece in place and then use the hex spacers for the display.

Just looking for the simplest solution that requires the least hardware and fiddling around.


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On 1/23/2020 at 8:34 PM, lucky1 said:

I used a spacer and a bolt to fix my clear panel. Here is a picture


This, I want this. Can you buy this anywhere? Holes and all. I'm looking for a acrylic cover for my pin2dmd Evo. 

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I have a local plastic company that cuts the plexi. I ordered the standoffs and nuts off of Amazon. I'm not sure where you are located and if you have easy access to any of this stuff.


There is this other company that sells color DMDs and if you check their website they sell all this stuff as a kit...

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