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kl25z and Sainsmart 8 usb only... not switching/working


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This is the first time I'm setting up dof and can't get it working.  I already went through the step by step guide and online videos guides. 

I only have a kl25z and sainsmart 8 usb relay.  I was wondering if a pinscape or ledwiz is required for dof?  I configured both the kl25z and sainsmart relay, went through all the steps, and still can't get the switches to turn on/off.  On the relay is have the left and right flipper on port 2 and 3, shaker on port 4 and beacon on port 1. 

The sainsmart software shows that it detects the relay and I'm able to turn each switch on or off so I know windows recognizes it and all the toys work through that software, they just don't work on VP.  Is there any other software I can try out to test the sainsmart relay besides the one from the manufacturer?  





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